Founded in 1986 and member of the Swiss Assiciation of Real Estate Professionals VAUD (USPI), the main purpose of FamiliaPlan SA is to promote the access to property to families by giving the availability to quality building at affordable prices

Over 25 years long experience , a sharp knollege ohf the market, a carefull selection of the land whereabouts and of the brokering objects, as well as the quality of the choosen partners and contractors contribute to the important growth since the company’s inception : the number of residential units wich have been sold or built was five pieces a year in 1986, and have increased to on average 80 units a year nowadays.


Manager with individual signature :
Mario Schmid, manager

Joint Manager :
Tamas Csakodi, architect

Approval authority :
Martine Michon, building broker

Staff :
12 + all year round cooperation with several outside architect’s offices and engeneer’s offices

Business :
Implementing of all real estate transactions, espacialy buying, selling and brikering of family flats.
General construction firm, expertises, fund management.

Field of activity :
Lake Geneva area, Northern Vaud, Fribourg and well connected by public tranport areas